Your thermostats ups and downs

The experts say the best way to manage your in-home temperatures during the heat of the summer is to set your thermostat at a constant temperature rather than moving it up and down during a 24 hour period. This keeps your Air Conditioning unit from over working. If no one is home during the day and you do not want to cool the furniture while you are away, move the temperature slightly down. If you move it too far down your system will work all night to try to bring the temp back down and in most cases will never get it to where you want it. All you will do is put a big strain on your A/C unit and cause sooner than needed repairs.

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Air Conditioners & Heaters – Tune ‘em up!

Manufactures all agree, make sure you are getting the main equipment in your house serviced on a regular basis. Air Conditioning units need an annual service and tune-up as does your heater. These regular maintenance┬ávisits help prolong the life and efficiency of your A/C and heater and help prevent expensive repairs or replacements. The 4 seasons of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas can be very hard on your homes heating and cooling equipment. Tune ‘em up!

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