It is absolutely Shocking!

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT normal or safe to have sparking from your light switches and plugs, no matter how cool your kids think it is. It is highly recommended to have your homes electrical system inspected on an annual basis. Of all of your homes major systems, your electrical system can cause the most amount of damage and grief when it goes wrong.  Do your lights dim every time your iron clicks on, this is not an energy savings feature of your iron, it is a red flag that something is not right. The blazing hot days and chilling cold nights in Salt Lake City are taxing on your homes electrical system. Schedule an Electrical safety inspection once a year to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your and your family.

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Water, water everywhere

So, when was the last time someone inspected your water heater? How about the water pipes running throughout your home? Do you still have galvanized pipes carrying your homes water that date back to early last century? Get your plumbing system checked once a year. Most plumbing disasters could have been avoided by a simple plumbing walk through by a professional plumber who knows how to find those tell-tale signs of  things to come. Salt Lake City and surrounding areas have a variety of water quality issues which can further cause problems for your plumbing systems. Unless your name is Noah, get your house inspected once a year to prevent costly repairs and untimely inconvenience.

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