Looks aren’t everything, Home Improvement do’s and don’ts

Certain home improvements are more likely to improve the value of your home than others. Some home improvements can down right lesson your chances of a sale.

And the winners:

Kitchen remodels and updates – always a plus, its the heart of the home

Bathroom remodels and updates – absolutely, best alone time in the house

Patios (especially covered) and Decks – A good bet, a great extension to the rest of your castle

Landscaping – A picture tells a thousand words, what is your landscaping telling all who pass by?

And the ones to be wary of:

Swimming Pools – BIG bucks, not all home buyers remember Nemo, they All remember JAWS!

Out door kitchens – Can be very costly and not all of us co-exist well with the outdoor creatures buzzing around their food

Turning a Garage into a family room or a bedroom into an office just to sell the house is a risky bet. You eliminate those who like to have guests for the holidays and tinkering on non-house friendly projects  in the winter months . These options are not a good bet to increase home value.

Projects that appeal to the masses have a much better chance of increasing your value and shortening the time your home is on the market when the time comes to move to the mansion on the hill.