Most important day of your new System!

According to third party articles and the manufacturers themselves, Air conditioning systems and furnaces are designed to last for up to 15 years.

Obviously the better they are maintained the longer they last and the more efficient they are.  Regularly scheduled maintenance is recommended by manufacturers and service companies alike.

CHANGE YOUR FILTERS REGULARLY! Have a system tune-up in the spring and fall.

Having said all of this, there is one piece of the pie that is more important than all the rest combined, having your system installed properly. The most important day of your new system is the day it is installed. This will determine the life and efficiency of your system. Make sure the company you choose have certified, trained and experienced installation technicians!

Another very important part of your installation process is to make sure the company you choose pulls the appropriate city/state permits. IT IS THE LAW and yet only 10% of all companies pull permits. A city permit ensures your system will be inspected for proper installation and codes. A third party inspection to make sure your company did its job right.