Priority Club Member

Priority Club Member

Dear Priority Club Member,

In these blazing hot days of summer here are a few tips to help you and your home function to its fullest.

  1. Make sure you, your family and your pets have access to plenty of water. It is easy to dehydrate quickly in our hot and dry climate.
  2. Use plenty of sun screen when you are going out and look for shade any chance you get.
  3. Don’t leave anyone or any pet in the car for any reason, for any length of time, ever.
  4. Set your thermostat to run throughout the day to help keep the heat down. Turning it off in the morning and on when you get home from work makes it almost impossible to keep your home cool in the evening.
  5. With the extended length of running time during these extremely hot days, make sure you have your system checked by one of our technicians to make sure you are running at peak performance and that there is no potential failure lurking in the future.
  6. Have your Electrical system checked. These hot days are a real drain on your electrical system as well.

We are offering all club members an additional 10% off any of our advertised web specials this month. Make sure you click on the Monthly Specials link on the home page.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your home services. Please call us with any questions, concerns or needs you may have concerning your home equipment.