Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Hopefully, by checking the items on the troubleshooting list below, you can avoid an unnecessary service call. However, if these Quick Tip solutions do not solve your problem, call us or schedule an appointment online with an ESCO Service Technician. For emergency service, please call 866.406.0111

Air Conditioning System is Not Cooling or Working Properly

Be sure power switch on furnace or blower is on. Check that blower compartment door is properly aligned and secure. Check for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If a circuit breaker has been tripped, the red side showing "no power" will be displayed. If a fuse has blown, it will look cloudy. Don't forget that the problem might be as simple as turning the system on. Check the thermostat setting. Make sure that it is set to a low enough temperature. Was the air conditioning unit turned off for an extended period of time? If so, it can take several hours for your home to cool if it is a hot day. Make sure the thermostat is set on "COOL". If you thermostat is the programmable type, check the batteries. Is your filter clean? A blocked filter can reduce your unit's performance. Also, check and replace your filter on a regular basis to allow your unit to perform at peak efficiency. ESCO Quick Tip: Keep the air conditioning unit set at a comfortable temperature during the entire day. Many times, people turn off their systems when not at home. The system may take some time to begin circulating properly cooled air when it has been shut down for a while. Also, turning your thermostat down and then up again quickly can cause the breaker to trip. Let the system stabilize for a few minutes and then reset the breaker.

Readout on the Thermostat Display is Blank

Check to see if your thermostat indicator is switched to "COOL" to activate the display. If this doesn't work, remove the existing batteries and replace them with fresh ones. Some digital thermostats have a "reset" button on the pad. Press this button to restore the original settings and-in some cases-the readout. ESCO Quick Tip: If you find yourself replacing the batteries more than the recommended number of times per year, a short could exist in the control panel that should be checked by your ESCO Service Technician.

Thermostat Continues to Post the Same Message

Make sure your system has not been set to the lowest possible temperature. (A system turned all the way down doesn't cool any faster than one that's set to a comfortable temperature.) Was there a power outage that acted as a reset feature? If your thermostat is the programmable type, check the batteries. ESCO Quick Tip: Many times a more serious problem has occurred due to a power outage or a lightening strike. If everything else seems normal (room comfort, run time, etc.) and resetting does not restore normal function, you can call us or schedule an appointment online for prompt service.

For Systems on Utility Company Load Management Programs

Are you on load management through the utility company? Check to see if the green light is displayed on the load management box. If a green light is present, the system should be working. If a red light is displayed, then the system might have been turned off by the utility company. If there is no light displayed, then you need to call the utility company and a ESCO Comfort Consultant for service. ESCO Quick Tip: Many times the batteries need to be replaced for the system to properly function. Also, if your utility company provides load management, consult them with any problems that you might be experiencing, or you can call ESCO.