Hopefully, by checking the items on the troubleshooting list below, you can avoid an unnecessary service call. However, if these Quick Tip solutions do not solve your problem, call us or schedule an appointment online with an ESCO Electrician. For emergency service, please call 886-406.0111.

Bathroom, Garage or Exterior Plugs are not Working

The receptacles located in these areas as well as the kitchen are required to be GFCI protected. Locate all receptacles or breakers that have a "test button" and reset button. Push the test button then the reset button. ESCO Quick Tip: If it does not reset, unplug all appliances (hair dryers, curling irons, weed eater, etc.) and then try the reset button again. If it resets, plug each appliance back in, one at a time, until it trips. Repair or replace that appliance.

Tripped Breaker (lights and plugs not working)

Reset the breaker by pushing the handle to off position, then push the handle to the on position. Note: If it continues to trip, do not keep trying to reset the breaker. ESCO Quick Tip: The breaker needs to cool down after tripping. While it's cooling, turn off all lighting and unplug everything connected to the tripped circuit, then try resetting the breaker. If it resets, start turning lights back on and plugging items back in until it trips again. This will identify the light or item that is causing the problem.

Light Stopped Working (Light Only)

Check the bulb or fluorescent tube. Check circuit breaker (see Tripped breaker section above). ESCO Quick Tip: Even new bulbs or fluorescent tubes can be defective right out of the box. A sure way to check a light bulb is to try replacing it with one taken out of a light fixture that is presently working.

More Than One Circuit (half the house) is Not Working:

Call the utility company first. They will send someone to check their lines to the house at no charge. Reset the main circuit breaker usually located next to the electric meter (see Tripped Breaker section above). Reset all the circuit breakers. Check or replace main fuses. ESCO Quick Tip: Lightning can cause damage to the utility line, but more importantly, damage your computers, stereo/TV equipment and furnace, just to name a few. Let ESCO provide you with a Surge and Lightning Arrester to alleviate this problem, save your equipment from damage and give you peace of mind.